Energy Efficiency Improvements for Open

SWEPCO offers tailor-made solutions for small business owners with a peak demand less than or equal to 100 kW. With Open, contractors and customers are offered education on energy efficiency technologies. Participating contractors are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in generating revenue from projects in the small business market, and substantial incentive rates are provided. Open connects customers with participating contractors that are qualified to provide design and installation services for energy efficient technologies. You can save big without spending a dime with Open.

The program provides:
  • Free, no-obligation facility assessment to identify potential energy saving opportunities
  • Recommendations and estimates of energy savings, project costs, and payback periods
  • Installation of approved energy saving equipment by a local pre-qualified contractor
  • Pre- and post-installation inspections at no cost
  • Incentives paid directly to your contractor by the program
  • Ongoing reduction in energy costs

Project by the Numbers

This hypothetical example illustrates a scenario that could take place at a small office building. The data below illustrates how the program operates and its potential value, but is not necessarily indicative of what you may see at your site.
Existing Interior Lighting Interior Lighting Retrofit
32 4-lamp T12 32 2-lamp LED
16 60-watt incandescent 16 10 watt LED
16 2-lamp T8 16 2-lamp LED


2.81 kW
Total annual energy savings
estimated incentive
net cost to customer
Total cost
estimated annual
Bill savings
6.28 months
For more information on no cost, money saving options for your small business, contact an Energy Advisor or call us at 1-855-496-3857.

Don't stop there! Open has additional options available to help significantly reduce your electric bill. Energy Advisors are on hand to help you decide which energy saving opportunities work best for you.

Eligible Projects

Typical measures include indoor and outdoor lighting and refrigeration measures, such as anti-sweat heater controls and ECM motors. The Program pays a high percentage of the project cost. Incentives, actual savings, and payback periods vary depending on the equipment installed, building characteristics, energy use patterns, age of existing equipment, location, and other parameters specific to your project.

Energy efficiency upgrades include:
  • LED lighting upgrades*
    • Tube lights, bulbs, and fixtures
  • Occupancy sensor installations
  • LED exit sign retrofits
  • Anti-sweat heater controls for refrigerator doors
*LED upgrades must be approved by either Design Lights Consortium, ENERGY STAR, Lighting Design Lab, or DOE LED Lighting Facts.

Program Details

Open offers financial incentives to help commercial customers lower energy usage and save on their electric bill. The program recruits and trains qualified contractors to participate in the program and provide energy assessments to identify, develop, and implement energy efficiency projects. The program maintains an updated list of participating contractors. Click here for a list of contractors. Energy Advisors are available to help you identify potential projects or to review any pending project plans. Once you are ready to proceed with a project, an Energy Advisor can assist you with the project application process. From the installation of electric energy saving products at NO COST, to incentives for larger, more complex equipment and projects, the program provides the necessary resources to make immediate and sustainable reductions in energy use and spending.

SWEPCO also offers incentives based on your peak electric demand and energy usage for additional eligible projects.

Available incentives:
Measure Type Description Incentive Structure
Lighting Includes interior and exterior approved linear fluorescents, LEDs, ceramic and pulse-start metal halides $650 per peak kW reduced up to 90% of project cost, paid directly to the contractor
Refrigeration Includes anti-sweat heater controls, door gaskets, evaporator fan controls, electrically commutated motors (ECMs), and strip curtains
Lighting Controls Includes daylight controls, occupancy sensors, and time clocks
HVAC-DX Includes A/C and Heat Pumps
Custom Custom measures may be reviewed by the Program to determine if they meet the program criteria and are eligible for incentives
Programmable Thermostats HVAC Programmable Thermostats No incentive; These measures when combined with other measures will create a faster return on investment
Vending Economizers Includes only approved beverage vending economizers

All measures must meet program requirements to be eligible for program incentives. Please contact an Energy Advisor for more information on project and measure eligibility.

Program Eligibility

Low cost installation and incentives are available for small business owners with a peak demand less than or equal to 100 kW.


Service Territory
Company Code 1017698896
Premise ID# 01234567


1. Contact a Participating Contractor

Your participating contractor will schedule a no-cost walk through assessment of the facility to identify low-cost energy-saving measures.

2. Walk Through Assessment

A participating contractor will schedule a no cost walk through assessment of your facility.

3. Installation

Upon your approval, the program's participating contractor will install savings measures.


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If you're a contractor and would like to participate in the program, please call 1-855-496-3587 or email an Energy Advisor for more information.