Standard Home Improvement Incentives

SWEPCO's Residential Energy Efficiency program offers incentives for the quality installation of eligible products and services that improve the energy efficiency and comfort of the existing homes of SWEPCO residential customers.

These incentives are designed to reduce the initial costs associated with energy-efficient home improvements.

Approved contractors will perform tests as needed on your home and install energy-saving measures based on your home's needs.

Incentives are available for the following eligible measures:
  • Attic Insulation
  • Air Infiltration Reduction
  • and more
For more information, consult a contractor in our Contractor Network.

Program Details

All energy efficiency improvements must be performed by a participating contractor to qualify for SWEPCO incentives.

  • Incentives are first-come, first-served basis.
  • Incentives will be paid only for installations completed by participating contractors.
  • SWEPCO verifies quality installation of upgrades through random, in-home inspections.

Program Eligibility

To participate in the Program, the customer:
  • Must be a residential customer of SWEPCO with a valid account number.
  • Must live in a single-family home (i.e., a duplex or less) or an individually metered multi-family home (i.e., a residential unit containing three or more units).
  • Renters and owners eligible.
  • Must live in a home that is a minimum of two years old.


Contact a residential contractor to make an appointment. (Program runs calendar year until funds are fully dispensed.)


Contractor forms can be found in Contractor Center.