Energy Efficiency Improvements for Education Facilities

Did You Know...
The least efficient schools use three times more energy than the best energy performers. And, top performing ENERGY STAR labeled schools cost forty cents per square foot less to operate than the average performers.
(U.S. Department of Energy)
SWEPCO's Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program provides incentives for educational facilities to reduce peak electric demand and annual energy consumption, resulting in improved building performance and comfort. Incentives are available for both existing buildings with a peak demand greater than 100 kW and new construction projects and are based on the verified electric energy savings.

Incentives are available for:

Fluorescent & LED Lighting Upgrades
Refrigerator & Freezer Doors
Lighting Controls
Refrigerated Case Lighting Upgrades
Air Compressor System Upgrades
PC Power Management
LED replacements
HVAC Upgrades
HVAC Tune-Ups
Motor Upgrades
Motor & Variable Speed Drive Upgrades
Custom or process related improvements
And much more!
No cost energy savings measures are available for direct installation:
Faucet aerators
Faucet(s) must be serviced by an electric hot water heater
Pre rinse spray valves
Pre rinse spray valve(s) must be serviced by an electric hot water heater
For beverage machines only
Compact fluorescent light bulbs
Any incandescent light bulb 60W at under can be changed to a 9W LED. Limited quantities are available per facility.
Learn more about the ENERGY STAR® strategy for education facilities.

Would you like assistance identifying improvements that yield the greatest results?

Our Energy Advisors are available to conduct a free, no obligation site assessment and help you identify projects that will meet your energy efficiency and financial goals." Contact an Energy Advisor with SWEPCO, being energy smart is easy.

Program Details

SWEPCO'S Energy Efficiency Program offers financial incentives to help commercial customers lower energy usage and save on their electric bill. Energy Advisors are available to provide free energy assessments and identify, develop and implement energy efficiency projects. From the installation of electric energy saving products at NO COST, to incentives for larger, more complex equipment and projects, the program provides the necessary resources to make immediate and sustainable reductions in energy use and spending.

SWEPCO also offers incentives based on your peak electric demand and energy usage for additional eligible projects.

Program Eligibility

No-cost installation and incentives are available for SWEPCO customers with a peak demand greater than 100kW.


Step 1: Identify Eligible Project

Contact a SWEPCO Energy Advisor to verify availability of incentives, schedule a walkthrough assessment, and identify viable energy efficiency improvements.

Step 2: Submit Application & Reserve Incentive

Submit the application. The application includes a description of the proposed project, estimated kW and kWh savings, measurement and verification (M&V) plan, and the incentive reservation request.

Step 3: Implement Project, Measure, and Verify Savings

After receiving an application, a SWEPCO Energy Advisor will conduct a pre-installation inspection and send a notice to proceed with implementing the project. Using the agreed upon M&V plan from the application, measure and verify the savings.

Step 4: Submit Project Completion Documents

After installation is complete, notify your Energy Advisor of completion date and best date to schedule a post inspection. A SWEPCO Energy Advisor will conduct a post-installation inspection.

Step 5: Receive Incentive Check

The final incentive amount will be calculated based on verified kW and kWh achieved by the project. Incentive checks will be mailed within 4-6 weeks of project verification by SWEPCO.


The Program Manual, Agreements, Equipment Survey Forms and other relevant forms are available for downloading from the following links. Please note that these files are available for viewing and printing as Microsoft® Excel® files, Microsoft Word® files or as Adobe® PDF documents (which are available for viewing and printing only with Adobe Acrobat Reader®.)

Commercial Program Brochures

Commercial Program Manual

Applications and Project Forms

Contractor Forms

Equipment Forms – For measures with deemed savings available