Load Management

SWEPCO's Load Management Standard Offer Program (SOP) was developed to pay incentives to energy efficiency service providers (e.g., contractors, energy service companies, retail electric providers, or customers) for load interruptions of electric consumption on short notice during peak demand periods. Incentives are based on verified peak demand (kW) savings at the site of a Distribution Customer as a result of an interruption.

Program Details

To participate in the Load Management SOP, sponsoring participants undergo an application process and then enter into a Standard Agreement with SWEPCO. Under the Standard Agreement the Project Sponsor agrees to deliver demand savings to SWEPCO from a SWEPCO distribution customer, using load that is subject to load management curtailment activities (Interruptible Load) at that customer's site. SWEPCO will verify actual demand savings from interruptions and payment will be submitted to the Project Sponsor based on the verified savings achieved by the interruptions. Sign up for the Load Management Program.

Program Eligibility

Customers must:

  • Have a demand of 200 kW or greater
  • Have an Interval Data Recorder meter
  • Be located on the Arkansas SWEPCO Distribution system

The SOP adheres to the following terms and conditions:

  • One (1) year program
  • Scheduled Interruptions - One (1) interruption at the beginning of the Performance Period
  • Unscheduled Interruptions - Interruptions will be limited to a maximum of 3 calls per month. Each interruptible call is limited to 4 hours in duration and for no more than 3 consecutive days. Interruption calls will be made weekdays only, for the hours of 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., excluding Independence Day and Labor Day.
  • SWEPCO will notify the Project Sponsor to interrupt load with at least one (1) hour notice
  • Interruption must undergo SWEPCO's Verification Process

For answers to your specific questions, please email Greg Perkins or call at 479-973-2435.



  • Review the Program Agreement
  • Submit an application
  • Upon application approval, SWEPCO will send a notification
  • If SWEPCO calls, be prepared to reduce the facilities electric demand