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Home Energy Audits

"As a result of my comprehensive home energy audit and energy efficient upgrades, I felt an immediate difference. The duct sealing and air sealing really helped with the comfort level in my home. This is a wonderful service!" -Bonnie F., homeowner

SWEPCO offers a $300 discount for home energy audits and additional rebates for comprehensive energy efficiency improvements as part of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.®. Home energy audits are designed to help you identify problem areas in your home and the most beneficial energy efficiency improvements that will improve comfort and save you money. Recommendations are based on best-available building sciences and the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR process, a process backed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy. Learn more about Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.

Home Performance Energy Star

What is a Comprehensive Energy Audit?

A comprehensive energy audit includes a visual home inspection as well as diagnostic and combustion safety testing of the home to identify the most cost-effective improvements. After completing the audit, your contractor will provide you with an energy audit report with recommended energy efficiency improvements, available rebates, and projected cost savings.

Choose a Home Performance contractor from our Contractor Network to schedule your comprehensive energy audit today. Audit prices may vary. Shop around to find the price that meets your budgetary needs.

Below is a representation of improvements and rebates available in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program.

Eligible Measure Improvement Completed SWEPCO Rebate Annual kWh Savings Annual $ Savings
Comprehensive energy audit Identify needed improvements $300.00 205 $20.67
Attic insulation Increased up to 14 inches (R-38) $240.00 676 $68.28
Central air conditioner Replaced with 16 SEER unit $475.00 752 $75.95
Windows Replaced with ENERGY STAR windows (220 sq ft) $440.00 790 $79.75
Duct sealing Sealed to obtain 25% leakage reduction $225.00 480 $48.49
Air Infiltration Caulked and sealed to obtain 15% leakage reduction $100.00 71 $7.17
TOTAL   $1,780.00 2,973 $300.30

The example rebates shown represent typical amounts and are representative of an example home with the following attributes:
  • 2000 square feet heated and cooled space
  • Average energy usage and occupancy
  • 10 SEER central electric air conditioner with a natural gas furnace
  • Up to 5 Inches (R-14) of attic insulation
  • Single pane aluminum windows
  • Duct leakage of 35%
  • Moderate whole house air leakage

Energy savings for the same home using electric heat would be significantly higher.
To qualify for a $300 discount on a comprehensive energy audit, the following requirements apply:
  • The energy audit must be conducted by a participating Building Performance Institute (BPI) or RESNET HERS certified contractor. Find a participating contractor in your area.
  • The customer must allow the auditing contractor to install the following direct install measures, if applicable; CFLs, faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads, water heater pipe wrap and water heater insulation jacket. These measures are installed at no cost to the customer.

The customer can also qualify to receive rebates for the following major measures. View a list of eligible measures and rebate amounts.
  • Air conditioner or electric heat pump replacement
  • Air infiltration
  • Ceiling, wall or attic knee-wall insulation
  • Duct sealing or insulation
  • Electric water heater
  • ENERGY STAR Windows
  • Window film
  • The customer can also qualify for a $100 bonus if 2 or more measures are installed within six months of the audit.

  • Rebates are first-come, first-served and may be reserved for up to 90 days.
  • Rebates cannot be reserved or paid for projects that have already been installed.
  • Rebates for improvements will be paid only for audits and installations completed by participating contractors.
  • Contractors can reserve rebates on behalf of their customers.
  • SWEPCO verifies the quality installation of upgrades through 100 percent documentation review and random, in-home inspections and customer surveys.
  • Rebates are available to any residential dwelling served by a SWEPCO electric meter. Condominiums and apartments and not eligible for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, but are eligible for rebates on many energy saving projects. Tenant-occupied dwellings are eligible. Tenant must obtain the property owner's approval via a signature on the Project Completion Form to receive a rebate.
  • Manufactured and mobile homes for which mobility devices have been removed are eligible for rebates.
  • Energy audits and improvements must be performed by a participating contractor. Use our Contractor Network list to find a contractor.

Step 1: Schedule a Comprehensive Energy Audit

Customers may select any participating Home Performance contractor. Find a participating contractor in your area.

Step 2: Complete the Comprehensive Energy Audit

The home performance contractor will conduct the audit and will review the recommendations and scope of work.

The contractor may need energy consumption data from the past year before starting the audit. The Authorization to Release Information form will allow that data to be sent directly to you and the contractor of your choice. If you have not already reserved a rebate, complete the Rebate Reservation Form and submit to SWEPCO to ensure funding is available.

We recommend that customers reserve a rebate of $2,500 for a service or upgrade during this step. Rebates will be reserved for 90 days.

Step 4: Install Qualified Equipment, Product, or Perform Services

Select a Home Performance contractor to install your new energy-efficient equipment or product and conduct the required final inspection and diagnostic testing. Inspection and testing is required to verify the proper installation of equipment and improvements to your home.

Step 5: Submit Paperwork

Your contractor will submit the required paperwork to SWEPCO for verification that the upgrade meets SWEPCO's requirements.

Step 6: Receive Your Rebate Check

Customers will receive their rebate check via mail within 4-6 weeks of project paperwork submission.
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