Energy Efficiency Improvements for Commercial and Industrial

Swepo Home Energy Programs SWEPCO's Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program provides incentives for facilities to reduce peak electric demand and annual energy consumption, resulting in improved building performance and comfort. Incentives are available for both existing buildings with a peak demand greater than 100 kW and new construction projects and are based on the verified electric energy savings.
Did You Know...
The services demanded of buildings - lighting, warmth in the winter, cooling in the summer, water heating, electronic entertainment, computing, refrigeration, and cooking - require significant energy use, about 40 quadrillion Btu (quads) per year.
(U.S. Department of Energy )

Incentives are available for:

Fluorescent & LED Lighting Upgrades
HVAC Upgrades
Lighting Controls
Air Compressor System Upgrades
Motor Upgrades
And much more!
More detailed information on the SWEPCO Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program is available in the Program Manual located at the bottom of this page, along with savings calculators, forms, and agreements. If you are ready to start an application, contact an Energy Advisor.

Would you like assistance identifying improvements that yield the greatest results?

Don't know here to start? The Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program offers you support to identify, evaluate, and implement energy efficiency improvement projects at your facility. Our Energy Advisors are available to conduct a free, no obligation site assessment and will help you identify projects that will meet your energy efficiency and financial goals.

Are you ready to start saving now? Contact an Energy Advisor today!

If you have already identified an energy efficiency project, contact an Energy Advisor to confirm eligibility and submit a project application. Contact an Energy Advisor.